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You are Sovereign

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Mindful Living, The Daily Shift, You are sovereign

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You are sovereign. You are the only one who can make the decision to accept or reject what others want to impose upon you. If you accept it, have no regrets. If you reject it, have no regrets. The full weight of your decision is utterly and completely yours. We give our power and our sovereignty away so easily. We do this out of a misguided sense of loyalty, love, or other false obligation. Take back your power!

What will your day bring your way? Make a decision to close the current chapter and turn the page to a new reality. Claim your sovereignty. Do it with love. Acknowledge your own part in whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself and recognize that you have the power to make a different decision in every moment that will support you, empower you, and allow you to break free of the drama and trauma. If you need to prepare, then do so. When the time comes, it is best to do this quickly – like ripping off a plaster – than take your time and do it slowly. Be quick. Be nimble. Be wise. Be love.

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