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When You Think You are on Firm Foundations…

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Mindful Living, The Daily Shift, When you think you are on firm foundations

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When you think you are on firm foundations, you find you really are on shifting sands. It’s easy to be placated by our perceptions and denials. We listen to those voices that delude us into thinking that we are safely ensconced on bedrock. Life is uncertain. Complacency will bring you to a numb and blind stupor. Shake yourself up. Wake up! You may think that current events have done this and you are awake. Events are only a precursor. You have to wake yourself from your slumber. Move into uncertainty and embrace it.

What will your day bring your way? Embrace the uncertainty. Prepare for the unplanned and unexpected. Make sure your contingencies are in place. Recruit helpers through helping others. Soften your conditions and expectations. Release your judgment of good, better, and best. Work with what you have to hand and innovate. Your bedrock has yet to be discovered! Dig deeper. It is within you.

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