Stop and Find Some Time to Sit…

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Mindful Living, The Daily Shift, Stop and find some time to sit

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Stop and find some time to sit and consider your forward trajectory. Where is it taking you? Assess the activities in your life. Assess what you give your time and energy to and if this can be managed differently. Assess from where you derive your inspiration and if this, too, can be shifted. Assess who is in your life. Do you need more diverse perspectives? Are you seeking to connect with others? Do you know yourself well enough to contribute to the exchange?

What will your day bring your way? All rivers run to the sea. Along the way they pick up all kinds of things and carry them for a while before allowing them purchase upon the banks. Some things will travel with them all the way to the ocean. They cover many miles and change the course of their trajectory as needed but they always flow to the sea. They pick up and drop off travelers upon their surface. They provide an opportunity to reach distant shores and diverse populations. Be like the river. Get your flow on!

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