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With over 40 years in various industries and sectors, Jean is now exploring 'retirement' and discovering her resilience, determination, courage, and wisdom. Author, mixed media artist, graphic designer, website creator, and podcaster, Jean is venturing fearlessly forward into the virtual world.

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I have over 40 years in a broad spectrum of business sectors and industries. I have a lifetime of experience dealing with grief, change, disability, and healing myself and others.

My business is wholistic renewal. To some of you, this may sound like strange,  but it is the essential element of any business because it is the essential element of the person – whether leader, manager, colleague, supplier, or client, friend or family member.

Wholistic renewal addresses the complete picture and brings it all into harmony, a state of wellness and wellbeing. Your internal environment and your external conditioning will shift into:

✨ energetic matching,
✨ clarity,
✨ focus,
✨ self-assurance,
✨ acceptance,
✨ decision-making,
✨ implementation,
✨ realistic thinking,
✨ movement, and ultimately,
✨ freedom.

What do I do? I help connect you more deeply with yourself so you can connect more easily with others.

Together, we do deep freedom work that begins with the inner you. We release the baggage of societal conditioning and dogmatic thinking and explore, uncover, and discover the treasure that lies beneath it all. We work with energetic principles, neuro- and physical principles, and engage your imagination and playfulness. We examine your ecology and address the sustainability of your habituated patterns.

Together, we move into a High Heart Business… a model of meaningful service and effortless contribution.

Want to change your life and the life of your business to something more fulfilling and meaningful? 

Want to establish great relationships with everyone and know the impact you have will be influential and profitable for all parties? 

Let’s connect. Put the heart and soul back into your business and bring your business to life!

Come to Heart and Soul People. Join us!

What Others Say

'Your language is the bedrock of your life.'

A straight-talking, forward-thinking, compassionate and gentle nudger. Passionate about communication, expression, and sovereignty. If you’re interested in changing your life, establishing meaningful relationships with yourself and others, claiming more grace and ease, and harnessing the skills of constructive creative expression, then you need to get to know me. Connect with me through social media.

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