Make the Shift to Mindful Living

Six Weeks, Six Senses, What Else?


This is six weeks of discovering and exploring your six senses and expanding it all with asking, ‘What else?’

The Mind thinks, the Body feels, the Spirit knows. It is necessary to engage all of them to be in alignment and bring forth the highest expression of who you are. You are Love.

This book is designed to be used with my program, Map Your Life, though it can be used on its own as a daily journal.

This book is designed in the energy of joy and love. When you open the pages, take a breath and immerse in gratitude. Immerse in joy. Be in love with the miracle that is your physical body! It supports you as you move through your days.

Beside each day, write the first topic or issue that comes to mind. Then, take a breath and get into alignment and engage your senses.

This is a signed edition. You can get this book on Amazon wherever you are or ask your local bookseller to order it for you.



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