Make the Shift to Mindful Living

Play. Create. Succeed.


Come along to play, create, and succeed! Come to explore and discover, to create magic, and find the most precious treasure you have – YOU!

When you complete it, you will have chronicled your own heroic saga. When you are done, you will never be the same again. You will anoint yourself with your own completeness, your own totality.‘ ~ Mohini

Welcome, intrepid travelers, to a radical way of creating your life, your journey and your PLAY! Who doesn’t want more JOY, sweetness, MAGIC, color, insight, ease and LOVE in their life? I know, right!

Times they are a-changin’ and they are changing… rapidly! We are living in times of great R/Evolution.

This book will require a bit of thought, a bit of activity, and a bit of time for you to receive the most out of it. I invite you to take a chance, keep an open mind and heart and dive in wherever you think you are ready to go. Be gentle with yourself and anyone who may be doing this with you.

Let’s create magic and find the treasures within YOU!

This is a signed edition. You can also purchase this book from Amazon wherever you are or ask your local bookseller to order it for you.



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