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when you are done

When You are Done

When you are done, you are done! No need to look at it again. No need to tweak it, fine tune it, or mess with it

what brings you to peace

What Brings You to Peace?

What brings you peace? Where can you find it? We look for peace in many ways. Some seek it in drugs and alcohol. Others in isolation.

when it seems that life

When it Seems that Life

When it seems that life has let you down, make time to step back and relax. What were you expecting? What did you think you needed?

Pursue your learning

Pursue Your Learning

Pursue your learning with verve! Are you eager to learn? If not, every day will bring a fair share of surprises your way. If so, the

What moves you to joy

What Moves You to Joy?

What moves you to joy? Is it the sound of birdsong or a soft summer’s breeze? Perhaps it’s your children playing contentedly or the smell of

Your days are filled

Your Days are Filled

Your days are filled with sensation. What do you notice? Do you notice the sights and sounds? Perhaps you notice the smells and tastes. Or maybe

Finding your feet

Finding Your Feet

Finding your feet as things change? There’s a lot of that going around. Change seems to have picked up a pace and yet the days seem

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