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Look at Your Day in Reverse

Jean Hamilton-Fford, Mindful Living, The Daily Shift, Look at your day in reverse

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Look at your day in reverse. When you get up, decide what you want to accomplish in your day and work backwards. To accomplish anything, there are steps or milestones to achieve. Which one is the last one before completion? And the one before that? And before that? Continue to do this until you get to where you are right now. This is reverse-engineering your day to see it in an entirely different perspective. Go ahead… give it a try.

What will your day bring your way? Take whatever you can and reverse-engineer it. You will see the bottlenecks and obstacles before you encounter them and even some that you could not see otherwise. It’s like reading what you write from end to beginning. It helps you to see where you might falter. Then, you can apply remedies as you go and make your day just that little bit easier. Much love!

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